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RM200.00 RM180.00

SIZE: 3MM X 1M X 15M
NOW: RM 180.00 /ROLL
N.P: RM 200.00 /ROLL

This product are designed to provide the best support and protection for SPC, vinyl, laminate, composite and solid timber floor surfaces. They are designed to provide firm under-cushion for your timber flooring. They are the best alternative to PE foam underlayment because of their inherent qualities. They provide the best impact sound insulation and sound transmission barrier for wooden floors.

Some of the acoustic timber flooring underlays are enhanced with a protective moisture barrier in the form of a metallized foil that effectively seals the top floor against ground moisture. With this, there is no need to add another protective polythene sheeting thus saving additional work and costs. Some other variants come with an overlap that completely seals the timber flooring construction against subfloor moisture. Our acoustic series of underlays are stable, resilient and maintenance free making them the perfect underlay for your timber floor covering.

Size: 3mm x 1m x 15m

Backing Material:  Aluminium Foil

Raw Material: Natural Rubber

Construction: Flat Sponge

Origin: Made in Malaysia


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